Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yes- there actually is some!

I have done most of the storyboarding done and now have a framework for the next book. This requires a rewrite of half of the stuff I have so far done, but that's only 30k words.

Now if my fan base could stop sending me these wonderful ideas that I want to use ;-)...

Friday, January 3, 2014

Reviewers that don't 'get it'

"...However, the characters are genocidal sociopaths, so I stopped caring whether or not they died or succeeded in meeting their goals. [SPOILERS] A character dropped a nuclear weapon on a city to eliminate a few leaders, despite previously having demonstrated the ability to fire a sniper rifle through a time portal and kill them individually. Some characters needed some prefabricated metal sheds. They had unlimited money, and had previously purchased metal barns in kit form. However, instead of just buying more, the characters hijacked a WWII Liberty ship and killed much of its crew, to get a few bulky, leaky, and generally inferior Quonset huts. A character wanted coconuts for drinks, so he and a friend went to a tropical island, chopped down the inhabitants' trees, and then shot them when they complained. As another character pointed out, they could have just gone to a supermarket instead of killing human beings…"

A bit of a comprehension fail here.

OK- the whole point of nuking the city was made quite clear- To impress on a primitive world that the reign of the church is OVER. They would waste a nuke otherwise?

The Liberty ship was already doomed- it was to be sunk by a U-boat with a loss of  all hands. This was mentioned in the story. With the intervention off the MIT team, most survived and the rest got a cleaner death that freezing/burning in the Atlantic.

As for the Coconut incident, the shooting was at & around, by way of discouraging the local headhunters from investigating. That probably didn't come across clearly in the book. As was said- "They usually run away when we fire a few shots."

"...I loved the technical aspects, such as building a base out of standard container units pre-kitted to meet mission needs. However, I'd like to see the characters hauled before a War Crimes judicial panel in The Hague and sentenced to imprisonment for the rest of their extended lifespans…"

Maybe one of them will be in the up-coming book ;-) Keeping these characters in jail though...