Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mystery- all part of the experience

I have been asked several times to explain certain anomalies.

Or what appear to be anomalies!

Read on and you will find an explanation. I did this so the reader can have an 'Ahhhhh!' moment.

Most things are reasoned or explained if you read thoroughly- or re-read the story...

One of the main ones regards why I use 20th century technology when I have far more advanced technology at my disposal.

A fair enough question.

One reason is that is what the team recruited knows how to use. Another is that I want technology that can be replicated in a shortish time after the comptetion of the ninth century project- internal combustion, automatic firearms and electric motors.

Of course all this could be an elabortate game and the characters are working to game rules.

You will need to buy the next book or two before you get ALL the answers!