Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Really Important Stuff

You can’t change history, can you?

No- but you can make a new reality, when you alter events. ‘Meddlers in Time’ explores the shaping of a parallel earth, by altering events in 9th century England.

A small band of time-traveling adventures recruit a specialist team, mainly of engineers and set about advancing 9th century technology. While doing this, they have to fight off invasions, win over the local population and have a bit of fun along the way.

Leaving Earth for a temporary base many light-years away, they train and prepare for the time jump back to the 9th century. Following the jump, they establish a stronghold and start making contact with the local inhabitants. Meanwhile, a more deadly mission is changing the political structure of this world.

As the tale unravels, the story of the time/space travel capabilities is revealed, along with some of the unexpected effects of using this technology.

Some were lured by money, other by the adventure- a few just wanted a new chance at life. One thing remains constant- time travel changes all who follow that path…

You can buy the book here

For the first 20 customers, the price is US$2.50, the next 30 pay US $3.00, the next 50 US$3.50

The first chapter is availabe to download free

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