Monday, November 2, 2009

The interview continues...

Can you give us a few hints as to what is coming up?

The back story continues- in the future! Most of the next book is set in an intersteller empire, in the 35th century. This is a challenge, creating a whole new society! You will see some of the events and circumstances that have shaped the main characters.

So there will be more character development?

Yes, they continue to grow as the story unfolds. It had been remarked that my main characters did not act as might be expected, say, to having just been in a major battle. The reasons for that will become apparent. Jamieson may have appeared a bit too laid back in the first book- you will find that the events of that story are a bit of a holiday for him!

Do you have a favorite character?

Jamieson for sure- I would like to be him! But all the main ones are old friends to me now. It's my story and my fantasy too! Jenny is fun to write and I'm about to start on her back story, which promises a few twists.

Ok- you are a super rich time traveller- why bother with building sheds in the ninth century?

Part of this is that I'm exploring the lives of people who are practically immortal. I put myself into their situation and I would soon tire of living the life of luxury. They are doing what many so in their spare time- going primitive in the hills with reenactor groups, learning obsolete trades and crafts- becuse they have the luxury of the time and money to do so. You have do do a days hard work to really appreciate a few beers!

I could have had them using futuristic construction equipment, fighting of the bad guys with x-ray lasers and building automated robotic factories- but where is the fun in that!

I noticed that you don't really describe the physical look of the characters.

Probably an oversight on my part- as I can visuallise them perfectly! In any case, the reader with imagination will visualise them as they wish.

So how do you see them?

Physically- Jamieson would resemble Sean Connery in his forties. Jenny is Kara Thrace aka 'Starbuck' from the new BSG and Sonja is Number Six! Jane is Sigourney Weaver. They all hold their apperances to 'a well-perserved forties' look, despite being well into their second centuries. Tom looks like one of the chaps seen on the cover of the Biggles books.

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