Friday, December 4, 2009

Work- the writer's curse!

With a 60-70 hour week and two young boys it's a mission to get enough QUIET time in front of this screen.

But I have finished the first draft of Meddlers In Time-Catspaw (Part One)

The storyline for Part Two - The Cockatoo River Incident- is finished and now I just need to type it up.

I will be putting this one out as a stand-alone novella. Thanks to Smashwords, doing this in ebook form is a doddle!

Part Two

The Cockatoo River Incident


Throughout the Empire of Man there are many great memorials to the fallen. On the planet of Yalumba there is one of the smallest, yet the events leading to its creation, history has shown to be the most pivotal in the course of the empire.

In the Ikuntji province, exactly 847 meters from the Cockatoo River Misson bell tower, there is a small knoll. The grape vines now have been cleared for 200 meters around. Circling the top is a simple tall hedge of Arcacia. Within the hedge is a circular grass lawn. Around the border of this lawn are 37 simple crosses- half a meter high and irridium plated. At the center of the Lawn are 16 similar but smaller crosses, grouped together in four rows of four. The single gateway of wrought iron has no decoration but a single word.


This is the story of the events leading to what is now known as 'The Cockatoo River Incident'.

The day the Empire realized that 'Live and let live' was no longer an option...

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