Thursday, April 22, 2010

A new version

I have just finished an extensive edit of Meddlers In Time. I stripped all the formatting by saving it as a txt file, then put back the formatting I wanted and resaved as a doc file.

Curse Microsort Word's autofarmatting!

If you have purchased an older version, you may upload the latest revision at no cost- hell- anyone can have one of the new ones- I'm giving the books away!

It is curently 89th in the queue at Smashwords, so may no be available for a few hours.

The lesson here is- get a book on how to write before you start to write!

Bugger- something didn't work, so I have gone back to the saved copy.

It's updated, just not quite as nicely formatted as the version that failed. Back to the drawing board!

What they teach you in school here does NOT cut it!

There is a problem- the new version won't convert to EPUB and I think that the problem is at the other end. It used to work and I have only simplified the formatting- nothing new is in there.

Now its a 'wait & see'...

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