Monday, February 22, 2010


The next work 'The Cockatoo River Incident' is going well.

I'm at the point of the incident now and I'm enjoying getting back into writing, after a couple of years of fiddling and editing.

With the ebook format, I'm now thinking of getting away from the 'big book' 200k word model and turning out a series of novellas/ short novels in the 'Meddlers In Time' series.

I can always string a couple together into a larger book...


  1. Funny enough with e-books I find smaller is better, mainly because reading one on a iPhone takes a heck of a long time.

  2. P.S Any idea or update when the next one will be out? Hope you are getting some sales.

  3. I'm hoping to have the next one finished about April-May.

    Getting a few sales, but not nearly enough!