Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Writing tricks

Being very time-poor, I have come up with a technique that seems to work for me.

I have set a target of 500 words five days a week. I find that while driving around on my own (can't do this with other people in the vehicle) I can come up with enough story line to fill out to 500 words easily. I only have to keep a few days ahead with the plot this way- while working to the story plan, of course.

Break anything down into small bit and it becomes do-able.

500 words, five times a week is nothing- but adds up to 100 k a year!


  1. As long as those words contain guns, beer, M16, P90, beer, guns........yadda yadda, Nukes, Let's Kill The Bastards....

  2. more U/V lasers, 7mm caseless, ion cannon, beer, whiskey, cigars, smuggling, tac nukes, 20mm shotgun, subspace, grav drive, arkansas toothpick, kindjal, mace, assegsi, powered axe, exoskeletons, slave traders, spacings, fusion warhead, whiskey, eat photons you bastards!...