Saturday, May 15, 2010

For new and not so new viewers

A little history:

Meddlers in Time started life as two books- Meddlers in Time and Meddlers in Time- Culture Shock. There are five copys of each in print version- I had a small print done as a test run. At that time I thought the books migh never go any further than that.

But then I rolled the two together, as I planned to self-publish and it was more economical for me to produce one big book.

The next book was started- this was to be Meddlers in Time- Catspaw and covered mainly the adventures in the 35th century that happened before the first book(s)

But then came ebooks and I changed plans, deciding to release the parts of the book as short novels/novellas. This seems to be the way to go when targeting the ebook reader users and those reading on IPhones, Ipads and suchlike.

So I rolled out the first part of this tale as Meddlers in Time- Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Next came Meddlers in Time- The Cockatoo River Incident and now I'm working on the next part, Meddlers in Time- Downward to Earth.

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