Sunday, December 26, 2010

ebook reader feedback

Quite pleasing to see the interest my new ebook reader got. A few people I thought would never be interested expressed an interest in owning one.

Especially when they saw how many free books are available!


  1. I bought the C.S.O. a Nook Color for Christmas. She displayed interest in it when we'd visited the B&N near us, specifically because the color capabilities made it uniquely suited to the magazines she likes to read. So I took a $250 chance.

    So far, so good. She's put a lot of time into learning how to use it, as it's a fairly complex device; it will do just about everything any handheld device can do for you except make a phone call. She has one complaint: "It makes it too easy to spend money!"

    However, she hasn't downloaded any of my books yet.

  2. The one I brought was a 'no-name'device and is very basic- although it is also an mp3 player, calender and a picture viewer.

    A very simple device for those interested in ebooks, but not willing to put up a couple of hundred bucks. Or those of us just not having a couple of hundred bucks!

    Based on how much use I'm getting out of it, I will be upgrading as finances (and the guardian og the account) permit.