Friday, December 17, 2010

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SiFi Channel: Here's your next hit series!

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Posted December 6, 2010, 2:47 PM EST: This book, while rough around the edges as far as editing goes, especially in the later chapters, but is otherwise a great read. It doesn't trouble itself explaining any of the conundrums of time travel into the past (where killing your own great great grandfather could cause you to cease to exist), but hey, its Science Fiction, not physics. Also hardly a chapter goes by without characters imbibing ridiculous amounts of alcohol. But the story line begs to be featured on the SiFy channel as the next big hit like the Stargate series (Timegate?). And the writing style is perfect for episode serialization. The tendency to use vintage military gear from an era where it was plentiful should make props cheap. Characters are sufficiently developed without wasting time on soul searching / tear jerking sentimentalism. Bedplay merely hinted at instead of becoming the story. Wayne Watson yanks some chains along the way, misses opportunities to yank others, and gores a few sacred oxen as his characters strike out on a major "do over" of history. With the entire history of earth as its playground the book never lacks for subject matter and neither would a TV series. The book keeps you waiting to find out what effect the meddler in time had in changing earth's history. Getting there is the fun part. A fast and easy read.

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A fair review.
This was never meant to be more than a bit of a fun read.

As for ridiculous amounts of alcohol- the reviewer was obviously never in the NZ Army! ;-)

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